Hair Extensions
Because Life Is Too Short
To Have Boring Hair!

The Wonders of Hair Extensions.  Women and men of all ages and backgrounds are changing their appearance with hair extensions and feeling better about themselves in the process. name is Anna aka The Hair Extension "Fix It" Doctor!

I provide a luxury level of different hair extension techniques also specializing in fixing extension issues.  

 No matter your hair type, this site has everything you need to get locks that get looks!

So grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine (yum) and read on! 


You're at the right place because I get right down to the basics.


I'm here to narrow it down and teach you about the most requested & popular hair extensions on the market today.


No fear!  Dr. Fix It is here.


Extensions have evolved so much that there are specially made extensions for people who have super fine see through hair in the crown part of their head & I can't wait to share.

"Be Sweet, Stand Tall, Wear a Crown
& Rock Those Hair Extensions!"

Extensions are so popular these days.   It's almost surprising to see someone with a full, beautiful head of hair who doesn't have them.


Most models and celebrities wear them, and clients are always pleasantly surprised to learn that their hair can look as good as their favorite stars!

But the main reason for the rise in popularity is because almost anyone is a candidate for them.  Whether you're looking for length, fullness, highlights without chemicals, are

  • young
  • middle-aged
  • senior
  • male
  • female
  • financially secure
  • budget-minded

Know this!  You CAN have the hair you always dreamed of. 

There are endless hair thickening styling products that will give you the illusion of volume to thinning hair, but for those that want an IMMEDIATE and REAL transformation, HAIR EXTENSIONS are the way to go!  

“Your Hair is your BEST accessory!”

There is no doubt in my mind that hair extensions can make people feel better and lift their spirits.  I've seen it with my own eyes.

This site emphasizes on education, beautification and inspiration.

Here's Trish's Story!

What They're Saying...

"THANK YOU ANNA!!!  I don't know how I would style my thin hair without you.  My own hair is thin and brittle and breaks all the time.  It's almost impossible to grow.  Your amazing work has given me back my youthful lions mane and restored my self confidence tremendously.  I don't know what I would ever do without you!  Please don't ever leave me.  Will you marry me?  LOL"

  - Marina Rolon, Best Laser Tech I Know!

"Honestly, Anna is absolutely amazing and I am so happy I found her.  She has been doing my extensions now for a little over a year and every time I leave her I feel absolutely amazing.  

I had lost a significant amount of weight over the last few years and noticed my  hair started to become thin.  Now, I wasn't blessed with thick hair to begin with and all of the processing I did to my hair when I was young and then the weight loss left me feeling very depressed and sad.  I literally never styled my hair.  I didn't even want to touch my hair because it made me realize how thin my hair was.  I honestly never thought I would be so desperately in need of a hairdresser in my entire life...and then I found Anna.  I would recommend her twenty million times if I could.  Having her do my extensions makes me feel so much better about myself.  

I'll never forget the first time she put the extensions in my hair.  It was Christmas time and we took a family photo.  I looked at that photo and smiled and sent it right to her.  I thanked her for making me feel like a beautiful woman again with lots of hair and since that day, I've had my full self confidence."

  - Christine SoChulak, William Paterson University

"When I first met Anna 5+ years ago, my hair was so badly damaged from bad extensions that I winced whenever I would look at my scalp.  I had been wearing extensions for years that had been put in with little care, nor was I ever educated on how to care for them properly.  

Anna immediately made me feel comfortable about the state of my hair and assured me that I could get it back to health without giving up extensions all together.  She also suggested a different type of extension for my fine hair - an option that had never been mentioned to me before.  She also showed me how to properly care for extensions and made excellent product suggestions too.

Over the past few years with Anna's attention and direction, my hair has been restored to its original state (though I still can't imagine life without extensions - I love them too much).   I really don't know what I would do without this talented woman.  She is by far the most poised and professional person I have met in the hair industry.  She has confidence and experience that can't be replicated and I truly trust any input on hair that she has to offer.  So much so that I left New York 2 years ago and drive almost 2 hours to see her every other month!  I can't recommend Anna enough.  Not only is she skilled beyond words, but she is lovely to talk to and as we have gotten to know each other over the years, I always look forward to my next appointment with her.

Thank you Anna!"

  - Fran, Entrepreneur

" For anyone, anywhere thinking about getting extensions with Anna, I can tell you and promise that you will instantly feel better about yourself.  First of all, Anna explained everything and worked with me from choosing colors and textures of hair.  Her work is fast and clean.  It feels like nothing is in my hair.  Like magic and within days of having my extensions put in, I felt my winter blues slip away and felt the need to dress differently.  My hair looked great and now I wanted the rest of me to match.  People have asked me if I've lost weight but eh-um no,  it's the hair!  Having my hair done with Anna has made me think about the cosmetology field differently.  It's amazing how my thick, long hair has made me feel more confident and energetic.  It's one of the best things ever!"

  - Kristina Garncarz, Esthetician/Master Brow Specialist

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