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DIY Hair Extensions

If you are on a tight budget and have simple sewing skills, DIY hair extensions  "do it yourself hair extensions" are the way to go!

Head to a beauty supply store such as Sally's Beauty which is very well-known.

Beauty supply stores carry a  large selection of hair, nails, & skin products that sell to consumers and salon professionals. 

You can also find your local beauty supply store in the Yellow Pages.  Plug in "beauty supply store" with the city and state you live in.   All the stores in your area will come up.


  • Buy some wefts of remy hair that match your own hair color.  Remy hair means the cuticles of the hair are kept intact by minimal processing and face in the same direction from the root to the ends of the hair.  This ensures the hair remains super soft and tangle free.

  • Pick up a pack of toupee clips.  They may also be called "wig clips".  Silicone lined ones are best.  It will help prevent hair from sliding out.
Snap Clips for Hair Extensions Weaves 50pcs U-shape Metallic Wig Clips With Silicon Rubber Small Size Black
  • Next, sew clips onto the weft with a needle and thread and ta-da!  A self-made mane!
Flameer 6 Pcs Pro Hair Track Weft Sewing Weaving Thread and 18pcs Sew Needles ''J+I+C'' for Clip In Extensions

DIY Hair Extensions is just one of my skills.  Now, it's time to put your dancing shoes on and show off your lions mane!

I just had to share one of my favorite songs with you. 

3 Tips On Color Matching Wefts Of Hair

Getting the right color match is so important.   Your hair extensions should look like it's an extension of your natural hair.  

  1. In natural light, hold the wefts of hair along the ends of your own hair. 
  2. DO NOT match your root color for this color tends to be darker then the ends of your hair and will not blend nicely with the extensions.  
  3. The only time you would consider matching your root color to the top part of the weft where the clips are is when you want the ombre look. That way the top part of the clip ins will blend with your root color nicely which will help with coverage then fade out to the lighter color on the ends.

If you are having second thoughts and would rather buy well-made clip ins from a reputable company.   

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