All About Hair Extensions
Pros and Cons

This hair extensions pros and cons list will simply show the advantages and disadvantages of Hair Extensions.

No matter how popular hair extensions are or how many celebrities wear them, it is important to know The Good, Bad and The Ugly.

CONS (Disadvantages)

  • Not everyone is a candidate for them.  Like with any kind of service, there have been rare cases where the persons hair was too weak to hold onto the hair extensions.  This can be caused by a change in the persons health or side effect to a medication.
  • If not applied properly, can cause breakage.  Go to a pro who really knows how to do hair extensions! Cosmetologist should have undergone training and a lot of experience.  This is not something you don't want just anyone to do.  A good stylist will make sure the extensions are applied properly to avoid tension at the root.  They will understand placement, weight ratios and subsection size limitations.  This is a big deal people!  They can also rotate the areas that they put the hair extensions on so that its not the same group of hairs under stress every time.  Rotating means no damage to the hair follicles.  
  • If not taken care of properly, can cause breakage.   Follow simple homecare instructions to avoid any kind of breakage.  Also, not pulling too much when styling at home helps.
  • If not removed properly, can cause breakage.  I can’t stress enough that removing extensions properly are just as important as putting them in.

PROS (Advantages)

  • You can have the hair you always dreamed of.

  • If you have split ends, extensions will cover your split ends and blend with your own hair.  
  • Was your hair cut too short or not growing quick enough?  By adding hair extensions, you will get your length back along with thicker and shinier hair. 
  • You can have any hair color you want. The variety of colors available make anything possible.  You can get colors of the rainbow, pink hair, silver hair, ombre, balayage ect. 

  • You can have thicker hair in the crown part of your head without undergoing surgery which means no pain, no stress and no blood.  For more information, click here!
  • If you just want more body without length, hair extensions will be the solution.
  • You can have bangs one day and a ponytail the next.
  • Looking for highlights without chemicals?  You can get lighter extension pieces throughout your hair.
  • Hair can't hold a curl?  Hair extensions will add texture so that your hair will take a curl.
  • If you are getting married or have a special occasion, clip in hair extensions are a quick easy way to glam it up.
  • With so many people having issues with thinning hair, I believe hair extensions are a great option for many men and women.  

Will there be no damage whatsoever???

Anything done to the hair such as relaxers, bleach etc. can cause a little damage even when done correctly. 

Same with hair extensions.

For some people, the hair towards the end can start looking a little thin.  This is common with my long-term extension wearers but can also happen to people that do not wear hair extensions.

Why does this happen?

Hair grows and sheds at different rates and cycles.

The hair on your ends are the oldest and suffers the most from the natural elements like wind, sun and cold.  

Let’s also not forget all the hair brushing, blow drys, and heat tools to style the hair.  It might also be due to:

  • coloring hair
  • highlighting hair
  • styling hair with a blowdryer, flat iron or curling iron which if not used properly can cause excessive heat damage that will dry out and break the ends of your hair.  

This hair on the ends are fragile and require extra attention.  If it doesn't get the care it deserves, it will break off! 

Hence, thin looking ends.

What is the solution?

Hydrate!  Hydrate!  Hydrate!


Most peoples hair is thirsty!  Keep it moisturized.  The more moisture it has the less breakage there will be.

A Cool Way to Prevent Heat Damage.


The hair on the ends of your hair are fragile.   Do what you can to prevent heat damage to avoid hair from breaking off which results in thin looking ends. 

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