Also Known As...

Nano Rings

Advantages:  Nano beads are 90% smaller than the traditional beads.

As the extensions grow out, it is recommended that for thin/delicate hair they should be moved back up towards the root every 6-8 weeks.  Average hair 8-12 weeks and thick, strong hair every 12-16 weeks.

Hair can reused.

Thing to Consider:  In some cases lengthy application time (the more hair used the longer the process on the flip side the less hair used the quicker application can be)  

Although the bead is small and hidden with the person's own hair (the bond below the bead) is quite large.  This  bond may show through the hair especially if the person's hair is fine.

Application Method:  The amount of hair threaded into the bead should be equal to or at least 3/4 of the amount of hair on the hair extension so that your own hair can support the weight of the extension.  The hair extension is then inserted into the bead.

Extension Removal:  When it is time to remove, extension pliers are used to unclamp the bead.  The hair extension and bead will come off with ease.

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