Revive Old Hair Extensions?
I Got Time For That!

Don't throw away your old extensions thinking you can't use it again! When you revive old hair extensions and bring them back to life, they will last longer which means not spending money on a new set right away.  

Anytime you get your brand new hair extensions, they are always soft, silky and shiny but after sometime they can become dull and dry.  In some cases, they can become tangled if they are a lower grade of hair.

Hair extensions are not like natural hair that grows from the scalp.  Natural hair gets nutrients and oils from the root.  

Extensions do not, so keep them moisturized! 

I came across a Youtube video of a girl who was extremely passionate about a couple of products that made her course brittle hair soft and shiny so I put it to the test on a batch of tangled, brittle, dull clip in hair extensions I had stashed away in a drawer.  

It was time to revive old hair extensions!

I Love You,
But Don't Touch
My Old Hair Extensions

Needless to say, I was amazed by the results!

It's only 2 products that are mixed together.  This miracle treatment can be used on your natural hair as well.  

Revive Old Hair Extensions

6 Easy Steps To Follow

Step 1:  Brush all the tangles out gently with The Wet Brush working from the bottom of the hair up.  I absolutely love The Wet Brush because it detangles wet hair easily.  It works great on extensions wet or dry.  It’s great for thick, curly and straight hair.  Perfect for kids as well! 

Wet Brush Classic Brush, Black

Step 2:  Mix equal parts of the two products in a bowl.

Kanechom Lete De Cabra 1000g and Silicon Mix 16oz Combo by Kanechom + Avanti

Step 3:   Apply to washed, towel blotted extensions.

Step 4:  Comb the mask through keeping the product away from the extension attachments.

Step 5:   Leave in overnight with a plastic cap.

Shower Cap Disposable - 100 Pcs Thickening Women Waterproof Shower Caps Normal Size

Step 6:  Rinse with cool water, then air dry if possible.

Ta Da!  

Soft, shiny extensions and a few extra bucks in your pocket!

What about my day to day hair extension products?

There are a ton of hair products on the market that can overwhelm us.  Shampoos, conditioners, styling products etc.

Most hair extension companies sell their own brand of products as it was specifically formulated for their hair extensions.

If this is not an option or you want to try something different, I have listed my "Must-Have Hair Extension Products" that I have been using for the past few years.

Whether I am wearing Keratin Bonds, Beaded, Taped or Clip In Hair Extensions, all these products work amazing on every brand of extensions I use.

I love these products because it keeps my hair extensions super hydrated and soft.   My clients love them as well.  


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