Your Wedding Hair Extensions
Is The Ball Gown That
You Never Take Off

Your wedding day is a big deal!  Beautiful wedding hair extensions will be the best way to achieve a flawless updo or hairstyle on your special day.  

Besides getting the perfect dress, you also want the perfect hairdo to go with it.  

Have you ever showed a hairdresser a picture of a hairstyle or updo you wanted and it ended up looking NOTHING like the picture? 

Most likely, it was because your hair didn't have the right amount of thickness or length to accomplish that desired look..   

Before I started wearing hair extensions, styling my hair was always a challenge!

My hair is fine, limp and lifeless. 

Back in the day, I remember showing hairdressers a picture of how I wanted my hair to look and leaving disappointed each and every time.  Ugh!!!

Before going out with my friends, I would always be the last one to get ready because I would be in a constant hair battle as I was trying to create volume.

When my hair grew past my collarbone, it started looking wispy and see through on the ends.  Not cute!

There was no way my own hair could ever be long on it's own!

Once I started using hair extensions in my 20s, getting ready was effortless because of the instant pumped up volume and maximum length.

My suggestion for perfect wedding hair extensions is clip in hair extensions.  Clip in hair extensions are wefts of hair attached with metal clips.  The clips fasten to your hair so that the extensions do not slip out. 

If you have hair that will never hold a curl, clip ins add texture and thickness to create curl and volume.  

With clip ins, you are able to put them in and glam it up or take them out and keep your natural length.  

The great thing is you can purchase them yourself!

3 Tips On Color Matching

Wedding Hair Extensions 

Getting the right color match is so important.   Your hair extensions should look like it's an extension of your natural hair.  

  1. In natural light, hold the wefts of hair along the ends of your own hair. 
  2. DO NOT match your root color for this color tends to be darker then the ends of your hair and will not blend nicely with the extensions.  
  3. The only time you would consider matching your root color to the top part of the weft where the clips are is when you want the ombre look. That way the top part of the clip ins will blend with your root color nicely which will help with coverage then fade out to the lighter color on the ends.

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