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What is the average cost of hair extensions?  A few salons will list their hair extension prices on their website.  Most won’t only because there’s a lot of factors to consider such as:  

  • Color Selection Blondes or specialty colors such as bayalage and ombre tend to be more expensive.

  • What type of hair will be used?  Is it going to be straight, body wave or curly hair?  Curly hair tends to me more expensive.

  • How much hair will be needed?  For example, the shorter or thicker your natural hair is the more hair extensions you will need.  On the flip side, the finer and sparse the hair, the less hair you will need.

  • What length will be used?  Longer hair extensions tends to be more expensive than shorter hair extensions.

  • Which hair extension method is going to be used?  Different methods require different time frames.  For example, a full head of keratin bond/beaded extensions will take longer than a full head of taped extensions.  More time spent on doing the service may be more expensive.

  • The cost of the actual service.  The more experienced the hair extension specialist the more expensive the service may be.  This is because of the knowledge and skill acquired by experience over a period of time.  

  • The quality of hair that will be used.  The better the hair quality the more expensive it will be.

There will also be an extension removal fee for when it is time to take them out.  This can be as low as $50 and as high as $250.  Some will charge per hour and others will be a flat rate.  That is why consultations are the way to go!  

There’s no “one size fits all”.  It has to be right for you!

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If there is no set price, give me the



$250 to $3,000

Keratin Hair Extensions

Beaded Hair Extensions

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

$450 to $1,400

Taped Hair Extensions

$500 & up 

Micro Tip Hair Extensions - Also Known As Hair Restoration Alternative For Thinning Hair

$150 to $500

Clip In Hair Extensions

$100 & up

Sewn In Hair Weave

$25 to $500 & up


This is just a price range.  Every professional charges differently. 

Use this as a guide to give you some sort of idea of how much hair extensions can be.

You deserve to know more than one way to get the hair you always wanted. 

Check out all the information on this site, then make the choice that works for you and your budget.

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