Beaded Hair Extensions Sweet!

Also Known As...

I-Tip, Tube Method, Micro Bead, Micro Rings

Advantages:  Beaded hair extensions can last up to 4 months depending on how fine or thick your hair is.  Some will move them back up towards the root as the extensions grow out in 4 to 6 weeks.  

With this method, the hair can be reused.

The beads can be small, medium, large or extra large.  Long or short in length.  I suggest using a bead that has silicone lining inside which protects the hair and helps avoid the extension from slipping out.  

Things to consider:  In some cases lengthy application time (the more hair used the longer the process on the flip side the less hair used the quicker application can be) 

Application Method: The amount of hair threaded into the bead should be equal to or at least 3/4 of the amount of hair on the hair extension so that your own hair can support the weight of the extension.  The hair extension is then inserted into the bead.  The bead is then clamped down with pliers. 

My beautiful model below has beaded hair extensions in her hair.  

She has 100 pieces in a slight delicate wave hair type.  

We chose this method so that she can reuse the hair.  

As you can see, the hair can be blown out, curled and straightened very easily.  

Extension Removal: When it is time to remove, a special tool is used to unclamp the bead.  The hair extension and bead will come off with ease.  

Beaded Hair Extensions Before and After:

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