#1 Hair Extension Question

The #1 hair extension question of all time is..."Will they damage my hair?"  

The hair extension question comes in all different ways and I completely understand why.  You may have seen scary pictures on social media (YIKES!) or heard about nightmare hair extension stories.  Maybe you know someone that got them and they had a terrible experience!  Let's face it, hair extensions get a bad rap.  

Will I be bald?  

If you shaved all your hair off then yes!   Bald as a hairless cat.

Know this!  If a professional applies and removes them properly and you are well educated on how to take care of them, you will have an awesome experience.  I promise you that!  I know this because I've seen it with my guest experience.   Only if the instructions for care are not followed or if there is a change in the guest health or medications, will there be possible breakage.

What extensions are the safest to use on my hair?

Hmmm....everyone is so different in how their hair handles extensions but if I had to choose among tapedbeadedclip ins and keratin for LONG-TERM use, then taped hair extensions is the winner!  

What I mean by long-term is it's good for someone who will be wearing extensions for many years.  From my experience, they are the most gentle hair extensions on the market because they come out with ease without the sticky residue.  

Keep in mind, there are MANY hair extension companies that make taped extensions and not all of them are good.  I know what the sticky, gluey mess left on the hair is like, when it is time to remove.  It's not pretty and it's bad for your hair.

But DON'T WORRY because there are some that DO NOT do that such as, Hairtalk and GlamSeamless.  I have used both and my guest are extremely happy with the result.  

Can I wear hair extensions and still grow out my own hair?

I am pleased and thrilled to say YES YES YES you can!  

Taped are the "GO TO EXTENSIONS" if you want to grow out your own hair but still look like you have long thick hair.

For many years (10 to be exact) I wore keratin bond hair extensions and noticed I was not able to put in my usual 8 bundles of hair at that time.  I was only able to use 6 bundles of hair and realized it was because there was damage to my own hair from using the keratin bond method over a long period of time.  I decided to turn to taped and after 10 months of wearing them, I got my hair back to normal.  I call it my REST SET.

Currently, I go back and forth with keratin and taped because one last longer then the other.  Keratin last 3 to 6 months and taped 6 to 8 weeks.

My time is limited so when I can't find the time to get my keratin extensions put in, I reach out to my sweet, crazy husband to help me put in my taped extensions.

Sweet because I don't think many husbands would do this and crazy because he just is!  It's like 4 hands working on 1 head!

#funnyhubby #hubbabubba 

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