Hair Extensions Falling Out?
Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

 Are your hair extensions falling out?   Are you having problems with your hair extension set?

Do not panic!   I have listed reasons that may be causing your extensions to not last as long as they should.

Let's start with the basics!

What Not To Do

NEVER sleep with your hair wet!  This can cause the hair to tangle with your own hair and create a knotted mess. 

Braid your hair before going to bed.  This will prevent unnecessary pulling and tugging while you sleep.

NEVER let sunscreen, tanning products/oils, or alcohol come in contact with extensions.

It may cause discoloration.

NEVER leave extensions in longer than recommended by a professional.   


ALWAYS use quality hair extension products when you wash and condition your extensions to keep them soft and hydrated.

For the products that I personally use,   (CLICK HERE!)   I love them!

ALWAYS apply a  small amount of conditioner prior to swimming.  This prevents the hair from absorbing harmful elements such as chlorine or salt water. 

Braid your hair before going swimming.

ALWAYS wear hair up or in a ponytail when exercising.  Hair tangles when dirt and sweat build up so you may want to wash your hair after working out, swimming etc.

ALWAYS have hair extensions colored, applied and removed by a professional hair dresser.  In general, chemical alteration is not recommended.


1.  There was not enough of your own hair attached to the extension to support the weight of the hair extension.

2.  Not using Clarifying Shampoo prior to proper hair extension installation can cause the hair extensions to slide out.

3.  If hair is washed and conditioned before 48 hours.  It is recommended to wait a full 2 days before washing and conditioning the hair so that the extensions will attach to the hair better.

4.  If you have keratin hair extensions, they may have not been tightly rolled allowing for water to get through the bonds and cause it to breakdown.

5.  If there is not enough heat to make the keratin bond moldable.  You should start to see it bubble a little bit then start rolling in between your fingers.

6.  If you have beaded hair extensions, it  may have not been clamped down hard enough.  Beads with silicone lining are best to avoid slippage.

7.  If you have taped hair extensions, having too much hair between the two taped extensions may cause the extensions not to stick together well.

Hair Extensions Falling Out?

You Got This Babe!

Go to a pro who really knows how to do hair extensions! 

Cosmetologist should have undergone training and a lot of experience.  This is not something you don't want just anyone to do.  

A good stylist will make sure the extensions are applied properly to avoid tension at the hair.  They will understand placement, weight ratios and subsection size limitations which will prevent hair extensions falling out.  

This is a big deal people!  

They can also rotate the areas that they put the hair extensions on so that its not the same group of hairs under stress every time.  Rotating means no damage to the hair follicles.  

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