Hello Gorgeous Hair Extensions!

For those that are new to hair extensions and want to know why so many people are addicted to this very popular hair technique, below are all the reasons why.  But let's simply start with "What are hair extensions?"

Hair extensions are permanent additions of hair that make hair look longer, add thickness and change an existing hairstyle or hair color.  It doesn't matter if your hair is short, medium, long, straight or curly.  It is for everyone!

Extensions can be made from human, synthetic and animal hair.  (What the Yak!)  

It’s A Hairy World Out There

Did you know throughout history, people have used wigs and extensions to beautify their appearance?  “The first documented proof of hair weaves was seen among the Egyptians in 3400 BC. They wore wigs, sewn-on hair pieces and braids that were made of human hair and dyed sheep’s wool. They used resin and beeswax to attach the extensions.” (Source: Curious History, Posted by Admin on Jun 24, 2014 in Banner, Beauty & Style)

It is so interesting to me that many years ago, making a statement with your hair was just as important as it is now a days.  

Ancient Egyptian Woman With 70 Hair Extensions Discovered

Credit: Photo by Jolanda Bos and Lonneke Beukenholdt

The remains of a 3,300 year-old woman was found in the ancient city of Armana.  She wore "a very complex coiffure with approximately 70 extensions fastened in different layers and heights on the head," writes Jolanda Bos, an archaeologist working on the Amarna Project, in an article recently published in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology.

For those who thought extensions and wigs were just for women, think again.  

“The extensions among European and American women in the 1700s gave way for powdered wigs. A white powdered wig, called Perukes, indicated high rank or birth. When King Louis started turning bald, he started using Perukes because he didn’t want people to think of him as weak. The trend soon followed with the nobles.”  (Source: Curious History, Posted by Admin on Jun 24, 2014 in Banner, Beauty & Style)

1700’s Men’s “Peruke” Wig

“1900s “Switch”  What we now know as “Clip Ins” 

20th & 21st Century Wigs

From the 20th  to the 21st century people have created numerous amounts of different hair pieces, wigs and hair extension methods.   (CLICK HERE!)

Extensions have been around a very long time.  

Until scientist create a pill that will grow thick hair fast and without side effects, hair extensions are here to stay.

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