I Hope Your Day Is As Nice
As Your Remy Hair Extensions

Simply put, the best hair is 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions.

Knowing the difference between good hair and bad hair is so important on getting the best quality hair for your money.  

Remy hair means the cuticles of the hair are kept intact by minimal processing and face in the same direction from the root to the ends of the hair.  This ensures the hair remains super soft and tangle free.

To achieve all the different hair extension colors, the hair must go through a gentle de-pigmentation and pigmentation process so that the cuticle is still intact.  High quality remy hair extensions will last longer with regular haircare maintenance and will be more expensive.

Have you ever bought hair that felt and looked good

but matted up after a few washes? 

 It is NOT remy hair! 

This kind of hair either went through an aggressive de-pigmentation process using bleach or acid-baths that strip the cuticles of the hair and/or was randomly collected where some of the cuticles are facing down and others are facing the opposite direction.  

This hair does not last long and starts to matt up.  

Cheap Hair Extensions...
Are Not Good
Good Remy Hair Extensions...Are Not Cheap

Most hair extensions always feels great when it is brand-spanking new but the REAL test is how does it wear overtime. 

  • Does it start to tangle or matt up?
  • Does the hair lose its softness and shine?
  • Do the hair extension bonds have a strong bond hold to prevent slippage or softening overtime? (with proper installation of course)
  • Are the hair extensions thick from roots to ends or does it start tapering too much towards the bottom which makes the ends of the hair look very thin?

As you may already know, there are a ton of companies that sell hair extensions and not all of them are the same quality.  

Some hair extensions will last longer then others.  

There are hair extensions that will never lose its luster, never tangle or matt up and others that will start to become dull, dry and tangle after a couple of months .

Beware of imposters with suspiciously low-priced remy hair.

Keep in mind that the processing technique is directly related to the quality of the end product.  

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