Also Known As...

Tape-in Method, Tape Adhesives

Advantages:  Taped extensions are thin flat hair bands about 1" wide.  Some companies have different hair band sizes that allows the service to be customizable.

They are the flattest extension and is a fast application.

With taped extensions, you can customize colors very easily.  Let’s say your hair has highlights and lowlights.   Two different hair band colors that match your highlight and lowlight can be used together to create a blended more natural look.

They last up to 2 months.  Some will leave them in for 3 months.

The hair can be reused.

Things to Consider:   Some tape in extension companies (not all of them!) can leave residue on the hair, shorter lasting method

Application Method: It is attached by taking 3/4 inch section from your scalp with the same density and width as the taped extension.  Your hair is then sandwiched in between the 2 adhesive bands.  The bands are created to have a water tight seal that attaches to your hair very well.    

Extension Removal:  When it is time to remove, a solvent remover is sprayed directly above the bands allowing the solvent to seap down onto the bands.  The top band is removed first then the bottom band.

Taped Hair Extensions Before and Afters:

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